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EZ Claw® Truck
EZ Claw® Truck suspends straight or wrapped hoses off of the catwalk and away from the back of the cab. The product is durable and has been ASTM Salt Tested to ensure reliability even in the harshest environments.
  • Available in 25 lb. or 30 lb. tension.
  • Intended to support 15' of straight or wrapped hoses off of the catwalk and away from the back of the cab.
  • Allows for 84" of hose and cable travel (90 degree turns) while keeping hoses and cables safe and secure.
  • Mounting bracket options available for most tractor make and models.
  • Tractor OEM and aftermarket installations available.
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EZ Claw® Hydraulic
EZ Claw® Hydraulic suspends hydraulic hoses off of the catwalk and away from snag and pinch points between the tractor and trailer.
  • A no-touch automatic extension and retraction system.
  • Protects expensive hoses and fittings.
  • Eliminates costly downtime and environmental violations due to fluid leaks and spills.
  • Standard 40 lb. tensioner suggested for supporting two 1" - 1.5" hydraulic hoses.
  • Mounts to headache rack or couples perfectly with the EZ Claw® Center Post Mount.
  • Application specific tension ratings available.
  • Not recommended for back of tractor mounting.
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EZ Claw® Yard Truck
EZ Claw® Yard Truck was developed for use in busy distribution centers where space is often limited and constant switching of trailers occurs. The system ensures air lines and electric cables are properly suspended while making tight turns, often to a jack knife position.
  • Keeps hoses, cables, and gladhands safe and secure.
  • Accommodates straight or wrapped hoses.
  • Allows for 15' of hose and 90 degrees + of movement by the yard truck and trailer without dragging on the deck plate.
  • Installed and trusted by the largest companies in the logistics and shipping industry.
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EZ Claw® Truck Mount Brackets
An assortment of truck mount brackets available to secure EZ Claw tensioners to sleeper cabs, day cabs, headache racks and tool boxes.
  • Laser cut and robotically welded steel plate for superior quality and strength.
  • Clear zinc plated to ASTM B633 Type V and powder coated for optimal corrosion resistance.
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EZ Claw® Truck Top Mount
EZ Claw® Top Mount System is designed to mount on top of a headache rack or tool box.
  • A "no touch" automatic extension and retraction system for maintaining maximum clearance for air and electric hoses.
  • Helps eliminate chafing and subsequent "out of service" conditions.
  • Supports up to 40 lbs. when extended at approximately 7 feet.
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EZ Claw® Heavy Duty
EZ Claw® Heavy Duty is a worry-free automatic extension and retraction system intended for use on applications which require large diameter, heavy hoses and electrical cables.
  • Supports up to 80 lbs. and extends approximately 7 feet.
  • Prevents chafing and snagging of lines on the catwalk and other peripherals that can lead to subsequent road calls and "out-of-service" situations.
  • Allows sufficient cable and hose slack for tight turns while keeping secure.
  • Protects heavy airlines, hydraulic hoses, and electrical cords for years!
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EZ Claw® Center Post Mount
EZ Claw® Center Post Mount is a patented solution for supporting heavy hoses and cables between the tractor and trailer.
  • Accepts up to four EZ Claw Line Savers
  • Supports up to 160 lbs. of Line Savers, hoses and accessories
  • Holds lines significantly higher than traditional pogo sticks and springs
  • Can be used for any model of truck
  • Mounting provisions for additional accessories, including lights, alarms, cameras, toolboxes, etc.
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EZ Claw® Under Deck
EZ Claw® Under Deck is a proven solution for managing brake hoses and electrical cables horizontally under the trailer.
  • Eliminates trip hazards on the catwalk by relocating supporting lines under the trailer.
  • Maintains high ground clearance keeping hoses and cables free of debris and chaffing.
  • Allows for 90 degree turns without snagging or crimping.
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EZ Claw® Tandem Tensioner
EZ Claw® Tandem Tensioner secures brake hoses and electrical cable at trailer cross member height out of the way from road debris.
  • Eliminates spring replacement and other maintenance costs while increasing safety.
  • Bolts securely on any aluminum or steel trailer cross member.
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EZ Claw® Sling
EZ Claw® Sling secures 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 hose assemblies and hydraulic lines up to 2" in diameter.
  • UV protected, 100% polyester material with 6,000 lb. break strength provides long lasting weatherability.
  • Hang multiple hoses from a single tensioner using the included stainless-steel carabiner.
  • Self-adjusting slip knot design.
  • United States Patent and Trademark Office - Provisional Patent.
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