The Smart
Solution to Line

The Smart Solution to
Line Management.

Learn how EZ Claw can save on your bottom line.

EZ Claw Benefits

Easy Installation

Rugged &

Long Lasting for
a Lifetime of Use

Increase Revenue
& Reduce Expenses

Increase Efficiency
& Productivity

Decrease Downtime
& Reduce
Maintenance Costs

Word On The Street

"There is no better way to organize your service lines to your trailer than the EZ Claw way. It cuts down on wear and tear on your air lines and power cord and keeps them off your cat walks eliminating DOT fines for that... Not only is it effective but it's also very affordable."

Tony Justice, Truck Driver/Musician

"I love this product. Job well done guys... I have gotten so many compliments from owner/ ops, and company drivers. I've given your information to 14 drivers in the port, and rail yard. I hope they contact you. By the way, I'll be purchasing 2 more trucks soon. They will be equipped with the EZ CLAW as well. See ya in the near future."

RC Mays and Thunderchief Logistics

"EZ Claw has helped enforce that our drivers abide by policy. Prior to EZ Claw the drivers insisted on only hooking up the emergency gladhand. This caused excessive hose and gladhand repairs because they got tore up on the catwalk. With EZ Claw the drivers finally resolved that they have to connect all hoses and the gladhands. Our problem is finally resolved. The EZ Claws are working great"

Customer from Texas

"A great product. Not a single failure. No problems. We monitor our invoices and we have had a 60 - 70% reduction in airline and gladhand repairs. With EZ Claw not one malfunction. I am amazed with how well they work"

Customer from Washington

"Zero issues with EZ Claw. You build a righteous product. We have had situations where drivers drove off without unhooking the gladhand and the EZ Claw was not damaged. A terrific product. I will talk to anyone about them"

Customer from California