About EZ Claw

EZ Claw® was founded in 2009, when the founder's cable management products were invented. EZ Claw® aims to provide long-term solutions for any company looking for a hose and cable management solution. Hoses and cables may look simple, but we believe they are one of the most important parts of your business. If you want to ensure the safety and integrity of your company assets and operations, then you should seek the hose & cable management solutions offered by EZ Claw®. Our customers include but are not limited to truck and trailer manufacturers, trucking companies, logistics companies, large fleet leasing providers and owner-operators. Whether you own a trucking company or a special shipping business, you will definitely see the benefits of our products. Versatility is our game, so you can use our products for different business & industrial purposes. Our EZ Claw® cable & hose management products are built for long-term usage, and you don't have to worry about wear and tear. We only use the finest materials in building our products.

Customer Focused

We have serviced thousands of clients in the past, we know how to apply the best techniques and strategies in cable management systems. More importantly, our products play a major part in meeting the real expectations of our clients. At EZ Claw®, we are 100% dedicated to satisfying all of our clients and meeting their requirements

The Best In Cable Management

We have properly calibrated our prices to match the budgets of our clients. In the future, we might even launch some helpful product discounts and promos. We advise you to discuss your budget with us so that we can give you the most practical solutions we have. Our representatives are always willing to answer your questions and concerns. Do not settle for anything less! Contact EZ Claw® today and get the service you need!